Starting The New Year In Florals

Yeeessss! The first post of the year. I know it's a week late "smiles". Some of us don't play with the holidays. So far, I am very happy about 2017 and I know only great things can happen this year. Just do something with your hands, don't expect favour to fall from the sky. Do something and see how God will bless you. No negative vibes this year, and I don't need negative people around me. Really restucturing my life this year after learning and experiencing a lot in 2016. 2017 is my year of grace and abundance, who believes should also agree!!

Florals was my first choice for the New Year. My floral shirt was from Old Navy. I have had it for years, an oldie but a goldie. My earrings where from my late mum and the lovely skirt I have on is from Eevva Collections. I still have some more amazing pieces to show as time goes by. More of this look below.

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