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          ABOUT EMAX


                 EMAX Zhili Group is headquartered in China, Hong Kong, in the "one way" and the Hercynian high-tech park government investment policy guidance, the company successfully settled in Fuzhou Software Industrial Park, the company uphold the concept of cooperation between schools and enterprises, with several institutions of higher learning Experts and professional engineers team; long-term and major, secondary scientific research institutions to reach in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and the establishment of experimental base of students, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and organic integration of emerging industries.

          EMAX wisdom of the city: import and export control, intelligent gates, wisdom home

          EMAX Wisdom Industry: Intelligent Lighting, Industrial Automation, Industrial Robots
          EMAX satellite synchronization: clock synchronization, satellite positioning, communication terminal
          EMAX Smart: RFID sensor, video sensor, NB-IOT




          EMAX Smart Gates
          Focus on the import and export channel equipment, a swing-speed quick-door, telescopic speed door, bridge three roller gates, two-way Pingkai Men, barrier-free optical door, so you every time through the access to enjoy.
          EMAX Shared Parking
          Tailored for the parking lot import and export all-digital high-definition license plate recognition system, access EMAX shared cloud platform, to achieve non-sense parking, cloud parking, to achieve shared parking.
          EMAX Intelligent Access Control
          For the staff access management to provide the overall solution, can be used RFID sensor, fingerprint, vein, palm, face, iris, pupil and other identification to verify the identity of the way possible.
          EMAX Smart City
          Will be intelligent parking, shared parking spaces, parking guide and other docking EMAX cloud platform, to achieve peak peak parking, revitalize the stock to solve the people travel difficult, difficult to stop the community pain.



          Top Ten influential brands

          2017 China Security Industry Brand event, EMAX British Mai Si was named the top ten import and export control influence brand

          National High-Tech Enterprise

          Chi cubic company focused on the overall control of import and export control; has been rated as national high-tech enterprises and software enterprises

          Independent property brand design

          With more than 30 independent research and development software copyright and software product certification, and technical trade institutions qualification certificate.

          Ministry of Public Security detection products

          EMAX British products through the Ministry of Public Security MA certification; authoritative brand, professional certification so that your choice no worries!