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          ABOUT EMAX


                  MAX is located in China. Hong Kong, in the "area along the way" and the Hercynian high-tech park government investment policy guidance, the company successfully settled in Fuzhou Software Industrial Park, the company uphold the concept of school and enterprise cooperation, with several institutions of higher learning Experts and professional engineers team; long-term and major, secondary scientific research institutions to reach in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and the establishment of experimental base of students, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and organic integration of emerging industries. EMAX Zhizhi is a national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise which is one of the leading technology companies in the industry at home and abroad to focus on the scientific and technological research, technology design, R & D, production and integration of hardware and software products for the emerging generation of Internet of Things technology. Control, intelligent city, intelligent industry, sharing cloud platform four areas of product development and design, software development and overall solutions, focus on intelligent control technology research and development as the focus, product technology content is high, functional, able to meet all kinds of industry users Different needs. EMAX British brand won the import and export control of the top ten brands, products are currently exported to domestic and foreign markets, EMAX British Mai Si brand in the fierce competition in the market stand, and enjoy a high reputation and brand awareness.

          Main: EMAX wisdom of the city: import and export control, intelligent gates, wisdom home

                    EMAX Wisdom Industry: Intelligent Lighting, Industrial Automation, Industrial Robots

                    EMAX satellite synchronization: clock synchronization, satellite positioning, communication terminal

                     EMAX Smart: RFID sensor, video sensor, NB-IOT


          Enterprise Idea

          The Purpose Of Intellectualcubic 
          Casting integrity brand
          Win the world customers

          Intellectual Mission
          Stand the industry, continuous innovation
          Build a platform to create the brand

          Intellectual cubic concept
          Quality based on the brand Founding
          People - oriented, integrity management
          Chi-fang Vision
          Integrity brand, never climb the peak
          Looking to the future, look at the world


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